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English Conversation Club at Liberty Parede: New Year – Old Me

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How often do we make promises to ourselves to start a new (better) life in the new year? The new year has arrived, have you managed to get rid of bad habits and take up new ones?

In our conversation club, we’ll discuss why it’s challenging to keep our New Year’s resolutions and stay on track with our goals. We’ll also explore alternative aim-setting approaches like SMART goals, anti-goals, mini-goals, and annual themes.

If you’re already an expert in this area, do join us and share your experiences.

What’s the club like:

The club is facilitated by Olga Shushunova, an English teacher with over 17 years experience.

At the meetup, you get tasks and questions to spark discussions and ideas. It’s all about steering the talk in the right direction.

We split into mini-groups of 2-4 folks for the discussions. Everyone gets a chance to speak up and feel comfortable.

And if you’re struggling to express your ideas, no worries – the teacher and other club members will definitely help and support you.

When: 25/01/2024 19:00:00
Where: Liberty Parede, Rua Sampaio Bruno, 4
Language: English
Event fee: 10 eur
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