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📚 ☕ Coffee-scented Bookstore in Lisbon near you


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Our multicultural bookstore “Liberty” specializes in books in different languages for any ages.

Have a wonderful time shopping through our collection!

Language Products
 [🇺🇸] English Books in English
 [🇵🇹] Portuguese Books in Portuguese
 [🇺🇦] Ukrainian Books in Ukrainian
 [🇧🇾] Belarusian Books in Belarusian
 [🇷🇺] Russian Books in Russian
 [🇨🇳] Chinese Books in Chinese
 [🇮🇱] Hebrew Books in Hebrew
 [🇫🇷] French Books in French
 [🇩🇪] German Books in German
 [🇮🇹] Italian Books in Italian
 [🇪🇸] Spanish Books in Spanish