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Palamboo Big Book


This handmade tactile book for children from birth takes into account the special aspects of eyesight and motor skills of children up to 2 years old. It develops imagination, fine motor skills, attentiveness and memory.

What do we mean by that?

1. During the first six months of the child’s life, eyebulb and brain areas responsible for visual information processing are actively formed. Illustrations in our books take into account the special aspects of the newborns’ eyesight, improving its sharpness, contrast sensation and field of vision. That’s why we use BLACK AND WHITE patterns in the book for the youngest of children.

2. Tactile sense is the most important way to explore the world for a little child, so we use 15 VARIOUS TEXTURES in our book, and each of the textures provides a different tactile experience for the child. The textures include felt, velour, cotton, eco-leather, wood, pliable chamois, food grade silicone.

3. There are a lot of details in the book, and children can bend, pull, tousle and squeeze them. While playing with them, the child develops fine motor skills (including pincer and tweezer grip). This is essential for speech development: finger nerve endings are connected with the Broca’s area responsible for speech; also, this is no less important later for further brain development. In the book for newborns ALL TOY ELEMENTS ARE FIXED, so that nothing gets into the mouth of the little monkey.

How to play:

  1. Leaf through the pages, studying the book’s inhabitants;
  2. Look through and touch various textures and surfaces, studying their qualities (smooth, soft, scratchy);
  3. Grab, pull, taste;
  4. Reproduce the sounds that animals and objects make in the book;
  5. Come up with stories about each book’s inhabitant, piecing them together into a plot.

The best gift for your child!

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