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Palamboo Jungle


This handmade soft book consists of five sheets, which show the real world of the jungle and its inhabitants:
— the lemur rotates its head, and it is made of gentle plush,
— tropical birds play hide and seek among the dense leaves. Can you find the twin birds?
— the crocodile is divided into three parts with the help of fasteners on the buttons,
— velcro monkeys jump on tree trunks and the boa is a 4-parts puzzle,
— the leopard hid in the grass waiting for prey! The grass rustles beneath him.

Studying this unusual world and its features, the child will learn colors, names of animals, develop tactile sensations, motor skills, imagination, memory and increase his vocabulary. Velcro details, fasteners on buttons will not leave bored any child! Pleasant emotions from communicating with a toy in book format and a common activity with an adult, which is interesting for both participants, contributes to the development of emotional intelligence.

How to use this book with toddlers up to two years old? For the very first time, you hide removable animal figurines, while the book will not lose its game properties, because the main elements are firmly fixed in it. And later, when the baby grows up, you get new characters, and the book begins to play with new colors!

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