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V. Buterin “Proof of Stake. The Making of Ethereum and the Philosophy of Blockchains”


At only nineteen years old Vitalik Buterinnpublished a visionary paper outlining the ideas behind what would become Ethereum. He proposed to take what Bitcoin did for currency – to end the central control of governments and corporations – and apply it to society as a whole. Now, less than a decade later, Ethereum is the second-most-valuable cryptocurrency and has opened the gates for the extraordinary new world of NFT artworks, virtual real estate in the metaverse and decentralised autonomous organisations.

The essays in Proof of Stake reveal Buterin as a lively, creative thinker, relentlessly curious and adventurous in exploring the fascinating social, economic and political possibilities of his invention, and will guide future generations of Ethereum’s community of radicals and builders.

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