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P. Wilson “Irish Fairy Tales. Sixteen Enchanting Myths and Legends from Ireland”


Irish fairy tales portray a rich and unpredictable world of enchantment and adventure. Witches and shape-changers, beautiful princesses and noble heroes, giants with untold strength and little people who play tricks wherever they go – these are some of the characters in the traditional stories of Ireland.

This delightful volume contains some of the best stories from the rich fund of Irish myth and legend. Read about the cunning defeat of the giant Cucullin by Fin M’Coul, of how King Whiskers tricked the haughty princess into marriage to rid her of her terrible pride, and of the two farmers Hudden and Dudden who lost their cattle through their silly jealousy of a poor old man. With its beguiling stories and beautiful illustrations this charming anthology offers a delight to young and old alike.

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