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K. McGovern “Be Brave, Maple Mehta-Cohen!: A Story for Anyone Who Has Ever Felt Different”


A warm, contemporary classroom story about creative Maple Mehta-Cohen and her dyslexia, perfect for fans of Lisa Thompson, Helen Rutter and R. J. Palacio. A dyslexia-friendly book.

A story for anyone who has ever felt different.

Maple Mehta-Cohen has a secret: she can’t read very well. Words on the page just don’t make sense. Despite all her clever tricks to hide her troubles with reading, her teacher is on to her, and now she has to repeat a whole year of school. But on her first day back, Maple tells a lie about why she’s there – a lie that soon spirals out of control…

Will Maple find the courage to tell the truth before someone gets hurt? And can she find a way to love herself and her brain, just the way she is? Readers who have faced their own trials with school and friendships will enjoy this heartwarming story and its bright, creative heroine.

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