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J. Schaible “Once Upon A Time There Was and Will Be So Much More”


Hundreds of millions of years ago, land took shape.

Millions of years ago, dinosaurs lived on Earth. Thousands of years ago, people built towering pyramids.

Ten years ago, the landscape looked different. A month ago, it was still summer. A minute ago, the light was turned off. Now! Make a wish! What will you be doing in a week? How will you celebrate your birthday next year? What will you discover when you are older? What will hold you in awe forever?

Moving inexorably from an age primeval into a future filled with questions, Johanna Schaible brings her beautiful collage artwork to an exploration of time that melds a conceptual vision with a physical one.

With each page turn, the pages gradually become smaller – showing more and more borders from the past – until they reach the present moment, then grow larger again as time expands into a future full of possibilities.

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