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Muranga County has cool temperatures and fertile central highlands. The combination of fertile volcanic soil, seasonal rainfall, and high altitude provides the ideal climate for coffees characterized by high acidity, full body, and ripe fruit flavors. Due to the cool conditions, the cherries in Murang’a develop slowly and the beans reach a large size.

Kanjathi wetmill (or factory) was established in 1971 under Kangiri Farmers’ Co-operative Society and now works with 1,100 registered members, local smallholder farmers who cultivate typical Kenyan varieties. These beans are wet processed and then delivered at Othaya dry mill where they are rested in parchment for 3weeks before being hulled.

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Batian, Ruiru11, SL28, SL34



Black Currant, Caramel, Lemon, Orange marmalade, Tea


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